Books on Figure Sculpture and Drawing

Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure (Edouard Lanteri)

Modelling and Sculpture (Albert Toft)

The Human Figure (John Vanderpoel)

Bridgmans Life Drawing (George Bridgman) 

Constructive Anatomy (George Bridgman)

The Human Machine (George Bridgman)

The Book of a Hundred Hands (George Bridgman)

George Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

Artistic Anatomy (Paul Richer)

La Femme (Paul Richer)

New Artistic Anatomy: Female Morphology – La Femme  English Translation (Paul Richer)

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Stephen Rogers Peck)

Anatomy for Artists – Elements of Form (Eliot Goldfinger)

The Complete Guide to Anatomy for Artists and Illustrators (Gottfried Bammes)

Figure Drawing for All Its Worth (Andrew Loomis)

Unmasking the Face (Paul Ekman)

The Human Figure – A visual overview intended for students of figurative sculpture (Robert Stutler, dogtown member)

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