Roberto Capurro

“Dogtown Sculptors” is a collective group of figure sculptors, draftspeople, and painters inspired by and working from the live model. Because opportunities to sculpt regularly from the model are rare, we pooled our resources to rent a studio, pay models, and practice the craft that keeps us going. Many of the members have sculpted together in previous groups, but we are always seeking new and enthusiastic members to keep our group alive. We also seek model-artists that will trade membership for modeling.

The studio is collaboratively run by the members and is not run for profit. We try to have fun, support each other, and create beautiful sculpture in the process. The studio has ample space (~1,000 square feet) and off-street gated parking. Currently, we work from the model 5-6 days a week (3 days for sculpting, 2-3 days for drawing/paining), see the membership page  and model schedule for more info.  In addition to model sessions, we frequently offer workshops and classes, and the studio is open to members at all times. We have been in the current studio since September 2008 and became a collaborative in March 2011. The collaborative originally consisted of sculptors, but expanded in 2014 to include draftsmen and painters.

“Dogtown” is the studio neighborhood, nicknamed after the dogs that guarded the historic local junkyards, or a large population of stray dogs that roamed the area in the 1980s (sources of the name vary).  Portions of the neighborhood were redeveloped during the bubble economy and the dogs are no longer around, with the exception of members that bring theirs to the studio.