Rik Wouters
Rik Wouters

If you’re new to our studio, we offer 2 free sculpture sessions with the model to try it out.

Membership is $100 per month and includes access to the studio and storage, while model fees are additional and split by members participating in those sessions. The membership fee is prorated when you join part way through a month. Members, potential members checking out the studio, and models must show proof they are up to date with their Covid-19 vaccinations/booster(s) and there’s a probation period for new members.

We currently offer 3-4 sculpting sessions a week with the model (see schedule). Model fees are split by those participating in a session. Typically there’re 9 sessions with a model, for example, the Sunday pose will go for 9 consecutive Sundays with the same model and pose. However, you only pay for the sessions you attend: if you plan to participate in 6 sessions, you only pay for those 6 sessions. The cost depends on the number of sculptors at each session, which often ranges from 5 – 8 people and comes out to ~$12-19 per model session per person (or ~$107-171 per person for 9 sessions). The model fees for all 9 sessions (or the number of sessions you attend) are usually collected by the first session. But you can also join part way through any model session series, you don’t have to start at the first of the 9 session series. Any member can organize additional model sessions on other available days or times to keep sessions from getting too crowded. 

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