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Current & Upcoming Workshops & Classes:

Sculpting the Arm & Foot with Jiajun Lu – 3 sessions starting Feb 18, 2023

Sculpting the Male Figure with Jiajun Lu – 8 sessions starting March 18, 2023

Jiajun Lu

Previous Workshops and Classes:

Sculpting the Torso Jiajun (JJ) Lu (Sept-Nov 2022)

Sculpting the Portrait with Jiajun (JJ) Lu (May/June 2022):

Sculpting the Figure and Portrait with Stephen Perkins (November 2019):

Sculpting the Portrait with Amanda Granberg (April 2018):

Sculpting the Torso, Arms & Legs, and Figure Drawing with Stephen Perkins (November  2017):

Ecorche Anatomy of the Head/Bust with Stephen Perkins (November 2016):

Sculpting Memory Shapes and Patterns of the Figure with Stephen Perkins (November 2016):

Figure and Head Structure workshops with Stephen Perkins (May 2015):

Sculpting the Female Figure class with Jiajun Lu (February 2015):

Sculpting the Female Torso with Jiajun Lu (May 2014):

Figure Structure with Stephen Perkins (March 2014):

Link to more photos of Perkins workshop

Portrait Sculpture with Jiajun Lu, January 2014:

Sculpting the Male Torso with Alicia Ponzio (Summer 2013):

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