Sculpting the Figure with Brian Booth Craig

4 Days
Summer 2023 (July or August)
10am – 5pm (1 hr lunch break)
Open to all levels

Check back in August 2022 for enrollment or contact to be notified when enrollment is open.

Instructor: Brian Booth Craig is a figurative sculptor who specializes in bronze. Sculpting from life, his work translates classically derived figures into contemporary icons. Brian studied sculpture at Pennsylvania State University (BA) and the New York Academy of Art (MFA), and worked with sculptors Nina Akumu and Audrey Flack. Brian taught at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and instructs workshops world wide. See more at

Workshop Description: This workshop will cover the basic techniques of sculpting the figure in clay working from the live model using a 1/3 life size scale armature. Emphasis will be placed on the linear and volumetric proportions, basic anatomy, composition, gesture, and direct observation techniques. Brian’s teaching methods include lectures, presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. Tuition covers instruction and model fees only, students are responsible to purchase and bring their materials (clay, armature, tools, etc.). The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 12 students.

Materials: Students are responsible for buying and bringing the following materials: (1) figure armature, 25″.  (2) Clay: water-based or oil-based, whatever you prefer. (3) Modeling tools, use tools you like. (4) If using water clay – bring  a spray bottle, old white cotton T shirts, and 1 or 2 dry cleaning bags or equivalent to wet and cover your piece at the end of each day. Details on how to build an armature and where to buy all materials will be e-mailed to students enrolled. For an additional fee, there will be an option to buy some of these materials through Dogtown that will be provided at the start of the workshop. Sculpture stands are provided for use at the workshop.

Cost and Payment: Cost includes instruction and model fees only, students are responsible to buy and bring their own materials. All payments are non-refundable, unless the workshop is cancelled. If the workshop is cancelled, credit card payment fees (PayPal 2.9%, ~$20) are not refundable, payment by other methods do not include any fees.

$ by credit card, or $ by Venmo, PayPal friend to friend, or check, contact for instruction on payment by any of these methods.

Contact with questions and for more info on the class.

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